Who we are

Design team operating since 2010 in Cracow. Architectural and interdisciplinary desing.

Three leader architects with over 20 years of experience with the team of architects. Architects with polish law required entitlements.

Przemysław Kuźma


Witold Plebańczyk


Adam Kocyk



Jarosław Jatczak

Agnieszka Ropka-Gatlik

Katarzyna Rzyła

Angelika Soprych

The main expertise:

  • comercial buildings,
  • public buildings,
  • industrial,
  • residential,
  • other (geothermal buildings, cableway buildings)

Interdisciplinary design based on cooperation with engineers and consultants team including:

  • structural engineers
  • HVAC engineers
  • electricians
  • BMS engineers
  • road engineers
  • landscape designers
  • fire safety consultants
  • work safety consulntants
  • food preparation consultants
  • pool technology consultants

We are also providing advising services including reports as:

  • functional programmes
  • 3rd party design verification
  • due diligence reports

We cover the whole Poland.



We are reliable, precise, ingenious and open for innovations. We are well-coordinated and organized team that can undertake very demanding design challenges.